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  • Availability. Products are available any time of the day, every day of the week. This lets you keep your people and machines producing instead of waiting for a product. It also eliminates the need to keep personnel and equipment available for picking up products stocked in the Krib+Plus room.
  • Automatic Replenishment. After use, products are automatically replenished on a weekly basis. There is no work required by you to keep the products you need available. No ordering is necessary, the Krib+Plus system does it automatically.
  • Reporting/Usage Tracking. Krib+Plus keeps a record of everything that is pulled. You can get usage information by date, employee, item, or your own customized field.
  • Weekly Summary Billing. You will get one summary invoice a week. This means only one PO, and one payable to process. This reduction in paperwork saves you time and money.
  • Lower Inventory Levels. Because these products are available any time on your site, you can lower your own inventory levels. This reduces the high cost of carrying inventory for you.
  • Simplicity. Krib+Plus has been written to be as simple as possible. It requires no previous computer experience to operate.
  • Bar-coding. Krib+Plus has daily processes and items bar-coded. This means there is no keyboard entry required to pull goods. This greatly reduces errors in the daily use of the system.
  • Weekly Delivery. KP Supply delivers products to the Krib+Plus room on a weekly basis. Our delivery person receives the goods into the system, allowing your personnel to monitor the process.
  • Reduced Stockpiling. Employees soon learn the products are always available and can stop stockpiling them at their work station.
  • Continued Support. Your KP Supply Outside salesman will continue to work with you on a regular basis. He or she will bring products to your attention that can save you time and money. KP Supply Inside salesmen will also be available to help you find the products you need and get them to you quickly.
  • Turnkey System. KP Supply will perform all installation and setup of the hardware, software, and your items. The system will be ready for you to use without any further setup.
  • Krib+Plus Support. The Krib+Plus system was written and is owned by KP Supply. We will provide the support you need for any issues that may arise.
  • Great Value. No hardware or software costs for qualified customers.


A system that makes sure that you do not run out of product whether you restock based on daily usage or restock based on minimum stock levels. As you consume your product, that information is transmitted automatically.

KP Supply knows on a continuing basis what products and quantities are being pulled from the toolcrib inventory. That information creates all the required entries in the KP Supply sales orders and inventory applications to replenish stock at your site.


Most of the labor intensive functions associated with toolcrib goods are eliminated; the review of stock, the preparation of the transfer document, and the preparation of the invoice. Krib+Plus frees you and your staff from the everyday functions and allows KP Supply to concentrate on customer service.


A system installed at your location that’s easy to use and facilitates your use of your products. Reports allow you to determine usage of each product day-by-day, week-by-week, or for any other period of time. Special “User Defined” fields have been built into the software so you can easily determine where the product was used. You will be able to track the products to specific jobs, locations, cost codes, or general ledger accounts.

A personal computer at your site controls all the functions of the toolcrib inventory. All the toolcrib products are bar-coded for easy identification and as the product is received at your site, it is “scanned” into the inventory in your personal computer. As goods are pulled from toolcrib stock they are again “scanned”, which relieves them from the inventory. This usage information is transmitted automatically by the PC to the KP Supply software on a daily periodic basis.

The usage information received from your PC by our software is used to create a verified sales order for the product that has been depleted. A reorder process will then automatically create a transfer order to replenish the goods that need to be restocked. On a periodic basis, the toolcrib inventory file is checked to determine any product that is at the reorder point. This process creates a Pick Ticket which is used to restock the remote toolcrib inventory location.

This process, performed automatically by the KP Supply software, eliminates the manual steps currently required to support a toolcrib inventory and insures the availability of the required product.